Covenant Care is an aftercare program provided through the Covenant Kids ministry for Humble Classical Academy. Covenant Care follows the same school schedule that Humble Classical Academy follows, including half days and holidays. Our hours are from 3pm to 6pm Monday through Friday, all kids must be picked up no later than 6pm. During the aftercare program we make sure homework is completed, we provide a snack, as well has coordinate differing events depending on the day of the week. Standard rates are $75 per kid per week or $20 a day for drop-ins. Please see registration packet for more information.


Q: How much?
A: $75 per week and $20 for drop-ins.
Q: How late are you open?
A: We stay open until 6pm.
Q: Is it open to everyone?
A: Only for the students of Humble Classical Academy.
Q: How can I pay?
A: Cash, check or credit.
Q: If I only want to come once how does it work?
A: Drop-ins can call the school and leave a number to be contacted.
Q: Is there Covenant Care during holidays?
A: No, only on school days.


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