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"At Covenant Kids we believe that it is our job to give kids an opportunity ever week to meet Jesus. We are here to love the kids, teach the kids, and prayerfully, win them over for Christ."
                                                                                 Amy Kobialka, Children's Pastor


Expectations for teachers:

We expect you to be on time.
                                  Expected arrival time is 5 - 10 minutes before service.
                                  Please check in with Pastor Amy so we know that yo are here.

We expect you to teach your class.
                                  Read over the lesson beforehand, if possible, and prepare yourself spiritually for the
                                  opportunity to teach these kids.

We expect you to teach the kids about Jesus.
                                  As long as what you say is founded in scripture we are open to you using your own
                                  lesson. We prefer to stick with the same lesson subject as the given lesson so that our
                                  ministry as a whole can be on the same page.

We expect you to make sure the classroom is clean.
                                  When the lesson time is over please place all supplies in the crates provided. Stack the
                                   chairs in the classroom if they were up when you come in. Sweep the floor if needed.

I want to become a Sunday School Teacher

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