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New Covenant Worship's new album where the are focus is on the Lord and the Lord alone.  Let the words inspire and let your spirits.

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New Covenant worship "Strength"

New Covenant Worship is the voice of our congregation as we sing praises to our Lord, Jesus Christ! These songs of hope will touch and inspire you.

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The Church of the Left Behind

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must stay alert, and be ready at all times for His coming lest we become like the Jews who failed to recognize Jesus for who He was, or be like the five foolish virgins who were simply unprepared and missed the very thing they were waiting for. Author Frank Mazzapica has spent the better part of forty years studying biblical prophecy and preparing the people of God for the end times. I do not know anyone with more overall knowledge and understanding of the subject. I admire the courage and clarity with which he presents this powerful teaching. My prayer is for God to use this phenomenal book to awaken those who are spiritually asleep and better prepare the church for what God is about to do in the earth. I encourage you to read this book with an open mind and with faith. Afterward, you will be even more determined to walk with God and live in a constant state of readiness for His glorious return.

Meet the Beasts    

Meet the Beasts is a concise and straightforward presentation of the five beasts depicted in the book of Revelation. Author Frank Mazzapica makes bold and alarming statements regarding the identity of the beasts and what they are soon to do. Mazzapica reveals hidden and suppressed information that exposes how the Vatican and radical Islam have partnered together to destroy the Jews and true Christians, as disclosed by the biblical prophets and apostles. Recognize who the five beasts are right now! • The beast out of the sea • The beast out of the land • The beast out of the Abyss • The crimson beast • The dragon beast Frank Mazzapica has spent decades researching the hints, signs, wonders, and warnings of the biblical end times. He has lectured on the book of Revelation all over the USA and in many countries of the world. As a therapist, pastor, counselor, university lecturer, and author, Frank Mazzapica has assisted hundreds of men and women in regaining open, transparent and rewarding lives, free from the pain that often accompanies dysfunctional relationships and damaging behaviors. He is married, the father of six children, and a proud grandpa of three.

Touch-Me-Not Women: Help For Women Who Can't Handle Intimacy

The Touch–Me–Not Women is a Christian inspirational guide to help women unravel their issues and challenges with sexual intimacy. In this book, Mazzapica addresses sexual boundaries, warning bells, and issues of broken trust, all of which hamper a healthy sexual life. He addresses potential roots of roadblocks to intimacy. Learn why so many women struggle with sexual intimacy, discover the challenges they face in achieving a satisfying love life with their husbands, and practice the practical steps provided to assist in repairing any breaches of trust and intimacy.

The Unsupervised Woman

The Unsupervised Woman is for Christian women-even "good" women-who struggle with their self-worth, identity, and God-ordained roles. The author presents penetrating insights into the pitfalls and destructive behaviors that women choose and live with, often in secret, in order to cling to behaviors that are unacceptable, yet somehow exciting. Pornography, serial marriages, shoplifting, extra-marital affairs, even jealousy of their own daughters are byproducts of a life without accountability. Mazzapica offers Biblically-based opportunities that will facilitate real and lasting change for men who want to be delivered from a self-created lonely life. Allow The Unsupervised Man and The Unsupervised Woman to help pull away the dark veil of secrecy that has been keeping you from bringing joy into your life and into the lives of your friends and loved ones.

The Unsupervised Man


The Unsupervised Man is for Christian men who struggle in their roles as husbands, fathers, sons, leaders—even clergy—due to lack of accountability. Frank Mazzapica presents penetrating insights into the pitfalls and destructive behaviors that men live with in order to cling to secret lives that exclude the ones they say they love the most. Pornography, drug and alcohol abuse, extramarital affairs, even the failure to ensure a decent education for our children, are the byproducts of The Unsupervised Man.

"I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to be a better man or better understand true manhood."
—Randy Clark, Triumph Apostolic Network

Putting The Pants Back On The Church

"There's a war being waged against men, and it's time to put an increased sense of masculinity back into our churches!" In this important book, Putting Pants Back on the Church, Frank Mazzapica squarely addresses the steadily growing movement of gender–bending and gender confusion that is not found only in society but also in churches around the world. Men and women have lost the biblical definition of masculinity. And, as you will read in the pages of this well–researched book, there is a war being waged against men and masculinity. Mazzapica promises that there are answers to this spiritual dilemma—proven ways to attract men to return to the house of God and to restore them to positions of church leadership. All this can be accomplished without offending—but actually endorsing—female leadership and contributions to our local churches. This important book addresses the issues we all have with our local congregations: Where have all the Christian men gone? Why is there such gender confusion in the church? Whatever happened to biblical masculinity, and why has the subject become so taboo? How can our churches attract men to return to our congregations? How can we reposition men in positions of church leadership?