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Michelle Martin - "I'am so excited for this time of prayer and fasting! I feel the joy that is unspeakable and full of glory! Great things The Lord has done and will continue to do as we pray! Blessings"

Jamie Martin - "I'm excited"

Adrienne Watson - "This is my first fast ever. I have chosen to do the partial fast which is doing without sweets and junk food of any kind, no deep fried foods or dairy. However I can have chicken breasts, tuna or ground turkey, fruit, veggies and oatmeal or grits. I can only drink 100% fruit/vegetable juices or water The devil wants me to stop and give into temptation of eating everything in sight, BUT GOD is keeping me focused."

Rosie Pena - "I've bee praying for my husband Arnolds healing, he was told he needs "heart" surgery! And I myself have a problem, my left leg is giving out on me, at times I cant walk!!I Need to Fast, But Im not that Strong,.... pray for ME!!!!!!Please!!!!!!❤"

Francisca Rechebong - "I have been fasting and praying, The Holy spirit was teaching me about contentment. I have been praying more, studying my Bible more. on 02-03-2016@ 4:51am I woke up shaking, like the holy spirit got hold of me while I was sleeping, I felt the urge to pray, so I pray for a while than I went back to sleep, no more shaking. On 02-04-2016 at 3:45 am I woke up shaking violently, I could not hold anything, I felt the need to pray . During these two night, I have a dream, I can not put it into words but the only thing that I know is I am pregnant, fully term. He woke me up again this morning at 6:45am and I felt the need to pray and read my Bible. I never experience this, I have to call Michelle to find out if the Holy spirit can get a hold of you while you are deep asleep. I also found out the true meaning of Faith. When GOD say it , belief it even if you don't see it. GOD is so good."