Welcome to New COvenant Church 

New Covenant Church is a growing assembly where Jesus is worshiped, the Holy Spirit is experienced, and the Word is taught. We trust that you feel the love of God flowing through His people. If you are in need of a family-oriented church dedicated to meeting the needs of the entire family, let us encourage you to begin worshiping with us each week. We assure you, there is a place of spiritual growth and maturity for you at New Covenant Church.

Step 1 - First time guest card. If you are a first time guest thank you so much for joining us! Please fill out one of our first time guest cards and tell us about you! You can fill it out using the form below or in the back pocket of one of the seats in the sanctuary, As a thank you we have a special gift for you at the information desk in the front lobby!

Step 2 - Community Groups. New Covenant has a network of small groups throughout the surrounding areas, meeting just a few times a month. To get connected with a Community Group go to the Community groups page under the Welcome tab. 

Step 3 - Serve. Our Servant team is made up members throughout our church from youth to seniors each putting time and talents into making each service and event the best that it can be. We want to be able to use you in any and everyday possible and utilize your time affectingly no matter how much or how little. To get involved click Serve under our Welcome tab. 


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